Telenor Mahana Bachat Offer

Welcome to the world of Telenor in 2024, one of Pakistan’s top mobile network providers. Telenor Mahana Bachat Offer: Recognizing the significance of value and cost, this bundle is intended to give you worry-free WhatsApp usage and communication for a full month.

Details of the Mahana Budget Offer

With the greatest monthly internet and phone plan, Telenor Mahana BudgetOffer, you can now keep in contact and receive More. For Rs. 80 (incl. Tax), the Telenor Mahana BudgetOffer includes 3,000 WhatsApp MBs, 300 Telenor minutes, and 10 additional network minutes.

With the 300 on-net minutes included in this plan, you may have as many talks as you like on the Telenor network with friends and family. These minutes make sure you keep in touch without having to worry about call setup fees, whether you’re catching up with loved ones or talking about essential issues.

This plan gives you 10 off-net minutes in addition to a good amount of on-net minutes. In an emergency, you can use these minutes to call connections on other networks.

These days, everyone uses WhatsApp as their primary communication tool, and this monthly plan gives you 3GB of data that can only be used for WhatsApp. Throughout the month, your WhatsApp discussions are sustained by this dedicated data, whether you are texting, sharing media, or participating in group chats.

Offer Fees

Your budget is our first priority while designing this Mahana Budget OfferAll of the aforementioned features may be accessed for a whole month for the affordable price of Rs. 120/-tax included.

Provide Veracity

There is a substantial 30-day validity period included with this bundle. With 300 on-net minutes, 10 off-net minutes, and 3GB of data allotted to WhatsApp, you have a complete month to utilize them to the most.

Offer Qualifications

All users of  Telenor are eligible for this deal. You are qualified to profit from this bundle whether you are a new or current Telenor customer.

  • The code of activation
  • Simply call the Mahana Budget offer activation code *514# from your Telenor mobile phone to activate this bundle.
  • You may also easily subscribe to the offer by using your browser to look for it. To sign up for the Rs. 120/-monthly bundle on the official website, simply input your prepaid sim number in the designated field.

Disable Code

Despite the fact that this is a non-recursive bundle, you can discontinue the Telenor Mahana Budget Offer by calling *514*0# from your Telenor mobile number.

  • To unsubscribe from the package, you may also give the Telenor assistance center a call.
  • You may quickly deactivate this bundle using the Telenor Mobile app if you have it installed.

Code for Status Checking

You may call the Telenor status check code in order to monitor your package consumption and see how many minutes and data you have left.

To find out how many minutes and MBs of data are left, call *222# and *999#, accordingly.

Conditions & Term

  • This deal is valid for all GSM Prepaid Telenor subscribers.
  • There will be call setup fees of 12.5 paisa plus tax for each call.
  • Resources and Price may change depending on where you live.
  • The resources and their validity resulting from numerous subscriptions to this offer are separate entities that will not combine.
  • When the promotion runs out or expires, the customer’s price plan will be charged at the standard rate for offnet/onnet calls and data
  • When this bundle expires, it won’t be renewed.
  • This offer cannot be renewed while it is still active.


To sum up, the Telenor Mahana Bachat offer is evidence of the provider’s dedication to provide affordable and hassle-free mobile solutions. This inexpensive bundle comes with 3GB of dedicated WhatsApp data, 10 off-net minutes, and 300 on-net minutes. It is simple to activate and has a 30-day validity period for all Prepaid clients.

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