Jazz Whatsapp and Snapchat Monthly Package

A well-known provider of cellular network services and solutions in Pakistan, Jazz/Mobilink offers its clients a wide variety of special packages and service options. Without a doubt, every product offered by Jazz and Warid is distinctive and affordable for customers. Jazz WhatsApp and Snapchat Packages, which it offers to its esteemed customers, is one of them. Additionally, it enables people to maintain contact with their loved ones using the most widely used social media platform, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Jazz Monthly Packages for WhatsApp

The most important messaging app in today’s hectic environment is now Whatsapp. Using the social media app WhatsApp, everyone enjoys keeping in touch with their friends, family, and loved ones. Jazz, meantime, offers a range of Jazz Monthly Whatsapp packages to meet the demands of their clientele, regardless of their financial situation. You may select bundles that suit your needs and budget, regardless of how much data you use for Whatsapp calls and messages or for lightweight, inexpensive internet usage. We’ll walk you through all the details of monthly WhatsApp deals, including data volume, validity, pricing, subscription code, and unsubscribe instructions.

Monthly 4GB Package Code and Details

Jazz is now offering WhatsApp customers 4GB per month. To get this discount, simply phone *614# using your Jazz sim. This deal, which is available for just Rs. 174 (tax included), is good for 30 days.

  • Jazz Monthly 4GB WhatsApp Offer is the package name.
  • 30 Days (one Month) of Validity
  • Cost: Rs. 173.90 (tax included).
  • Required Balance: Rs. 210 PKR
  • Minutes on-Net300 Minutes of Jazz to Jazz
  • 40 Other Network Minutes and Off-Net Minutes
  • SMS 2,000 on every network
  • Four gigabytes of internet data for WhatsApp
  • Activate Code *614#
  • Verify Status of Leftover MBs, Mins, and SMS*614*2#
  • Unsub Code *614*4#
  • Information Code: *614*3#

Code & Details for the Monthly WhatsApp 15GB Package

This monthly package is in demanding and worthy to activate because of cheap for customers and easy to activate.

  • Jazz 15GB Whatsapp Monthly Package
  • 30 Days of Validity (a month)
  • Cost is Rs. 390 Including the tax
  • Required Balance: Rs. 450 PKR
  • Jazz to Jazz On-Net Minutes: 500
  • 50 Additional Network Minutes; Off-Net Minutes
  • 500 SMS per every network
  • 15GB of internet bandwidth is available for WhatsApp (IMO, Facebook, and Youtube).
  • Register with Code *671#
  • Verify Status of Leftover MBs, Mins, and SMS *671*2#
  • Unsub Code *671*4#
  • Information Code: *671*3#

What is the Snapchat Package for Jazz?

Jazz offers a specific service called the Jazz Snapchat Package, which gives customers inexpensive, continuous access to Snapchat. With it, you can take advantage of all Snapchat’s features without worrying about using up too much data or going over your spending limit. You may share your tales, keep in touch, and unrestrictedly explore the colorful world of Snapchat with this bundle.

Jazz Monthly Snap Package

For individuals who need the highest level of Snapchat engagement, there is the Jazz Monthly Snapchat Package. One may fully immerse themselves in the world of Snapchat for a full month with 7GB of data, ensuring they never miss a minute of sharing with their Snapchat network.

  • Details of the monthly snapchat package7 GB of data subscription with charges of Rs. 175
  • Enter *661# with 30 Day Validity

Jazz Monthly Snapchat Subscription

Additionally, you may benefit from a monthly Snapchat package with Jazz, your preferred telecom provider.

  • Monthly Snapchat: For only Rs. 85+t,
  • Dial *117*5# to get 5GB of data for the next 30 days.
  • Fees 85Rupees+tax

Conditions and Terms

  • The Snapchat app is available in Pakistan as well.
  • Software for instant messaging is used by Snapchat.
  • It is also possible to access Snapchat on a standard 3G or 4G connection.
  • The WhatsApp packets don’t automatically reoccur.
  • For the plan you intend to subscribe to, you must have enough money (including taxes).
  • The WhatsApp deals listed above are exclusive to Jazz prepaid sim subscribers.
  • There is an advance income tax (AIT) of 15% on every Jazz Sim recharge.
  • In Pakistan’s Federal Territory of Islamabad, the sales tax (S.T.) rate is 16%.
  • The sales tax rate in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) and the remainder of Pakistan is 19.5%.
  • Gilgit Baltistan, or GB, is not subject to any jazz recharge taxes.


With regards to keeping in contact with companions and catching those extremely valuable minutes, Jazz has you covered! With choices going from 4GB to 15GB, their month to month WhatsApp plans resemble your very own information superhuman.

They take care of you whatever of your call and talk propensities.however, on the off chance that you’re a Snapchat devotee, are Jazz’s Snapchat Bundles. You can snap away without stressing over information requirements, with choices going from a monstrous 7GB party to a reasonable 5GB bundle.

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