Jazz Balance Share Code

To utilize mobile Internet, send an SMS, or make a phone call, we usually need balance. We thus have an amazing offer for every Mobilink member.Transfers from Jazz to Jazz balance only cost 5.49 plus VAT each way. 500 PKR can only be shared in a single day. Here, we’ve included all the facts.

Jazz harmony Although the sharing process is simple, novice users may occasionally find it challenging. Therefore, we have made every effort to provide our esteemed visitors with a visual that accurately depicts the entire process.

How Can Jazz Share Balance?

To move your balance from Jazz to Jazz SIM, utilize the Jazz Balance Share Code. Transportation costs PKR 500/-per day plus 5.49 in taxes.

Give friends, family, and other Mobilink Jazz users access to your mobile balance. To share your balance, just call *100*03XXXXX*amount#; an example of the format is provided below.

  • Code: *100*03XXXXX*quantity#
  • Fees: PKR 5.49 plus taxes
  • Daily Transaction Maximum: PKR 500
  • Minimum Daily Transaction Amount: PKR 15.
  • Eligibility: Limited to Prepaid
  • Call the helpline at 111.

You may transmit mobile balances to anybody with these easy-to-use balance-sharing codes. Jazz prepaid subscribers are the only ones who may use this option for Jazz-to-Jazz balance transfers.

How Do I Use a Share Code?

Do you want to give another Mobilink number access to your balance? We’ll go over how to fully split the balance with any prepaid phone.

As an illustration, the Receiver Number is 0301-0000000.

On this number, you wish to share 100 PKR.

Enter *100*030000000*100#.

Respond “1” to validate..

Best wishes! The sharing of your balance has been completed.

How to use the Jazz World App to share jazz balance

  • After logging in, download Jazz World from the Play Store.
  • Choose My Jazz and then Share Balance.
  • Complete the following options for splitting the balance.
  • Forward the Equilibrium from your phone number.
  • Enter the other person’s phone number in Send Balance To.
  • Put the amount in.
  • Press “Confirm.”
  • An OTP has been sent to you.
  • After entering the pin code, select “Share.”
  • Once you have shared, the money will be transmitted to the other person.

Request for Jazz Load Share

The request for a jazz share is the same in reverse. This implies that consumers have the ability to share balance with Jazz and, if needed, to make requests.

As the company would have you believe, Party-B now lets you ask for Jazz balance anytime and wherever you are. This includes your friends, family, and acquaintances. Thanks to this great service, you may enjoy the rights of your loved ones.

  • First, make sure your Jazz prepaid SIM card is in use.
  • To access the dial pad on your smartphone, touch now.
  • Enter *107#.
  • A USSD menu prompt will appear on your screen.
  • Enter Party-B MSISDN to proceed.

Vital Information

  • When using Jazz Share, you will be asked to confirm any messages you receive.
  •  The transaction will be finalized upon receipt of the confirmation notification.
  • The balance sharing transaction charge for prepaid customers is Rs 7.50 (tax included).
  • If the Jazz Load Share Service is misused, Jazz will not be held accountable.

Jazz Balance Share Minimum

Users are allowed to send at least PKR 15.

Maximum Balance Split for Jazz

A maximum of PKR 500/-may be sent by users.

Conditions & Terms

  • Carefully enter the recipient’s number and the amount in digits.
  • Use only approved and authorized SIM cards at all times.
  • Only owners of prepaid SIM cards from Mobilink are eligible for this service.
  • The cost of this service is PKR 5.49 + tax; it is not free.
  • If a number is spelled or entered wrong, the network will compensate.


With its Equilibrium Offer Code, Jazz acts the hero, simplifying it to help loved ones. To share up to PKR 500 every day, basically Mobile Number *100*10003XXXXX*amount# and pay an ostensible expense of PKR 5.49 in addition to charges. It like sending a little electronic thoughtfulness box! You may likewise demand balance by calling *107# or utilizing the Jazz World Application. Jazz gives you a human touch while keeping you associated!

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